The Hollywood Connection

Film and Television work makes up a large chunk of our business here at Matrix Digital and an important aspect of that work is our ability to work remotely with Hollywood studios, directors, producers, and showrunners.

We have worked with many of the top media production companies worldwide including Disney, Warner Bros., NBC Universal, and Legendary. Over the past few years, we’ve worked on a number of Hollywood productions, including voiceover recording with Lisa Kudrow for HouseBroken (Bento Box) and Stan Walker for Tomb Raider (Legendary), and ADR sessions with Stefania Owen & Errol Shand for seasons 1 & 2 of Sweet Tooth (Warner Bros. Television), Toby Stephens for Lost in Space (Legendary), and Jenna Ortega for The Fallout (Warner Bros.). These sessions involved us video-linking with various (and often numerous) members of their production teams in order for the sessions to be directed remotely from Los Angeles while the talent was either shooting, living, or holidaying in New Zealand. Sometimes this means doing sessions outside of our usual operational hours to account for the time difference between here and the US Pacific Coast.

If it wasn’t for our world-class facility, high-end equipment, well-trained staff, and SAG-approved status then it’s unlikely we’d be tasked with working on these very special productions. We are extremely grateful to these studios for putting their trust in Matrix Digital to assist with productions budgeted in the tens (and sometimes hundreds) of millions of US dollars.

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