We’re pros, just like you.

Matrix Digital is where pros like you source professional services ranging from overall sound design, to foley & ADR, to audio post-production.

Matrix Digital actively supports Aotearoa New Zealand’s booming interactive media, game development and digital screen technologies sector. With global demand for digital technology absolutely skyrocketing, where apps blur the line between physical and virtual worlds, Matrix Digital is ideally positioned to expertly assist the creation of audio for applications representing the absolute pinnacle of any end-user’s immersive, dynamic, interactive experience. We cover all sonic disciplines: entertainment, commercial, scientific, educational or purely artistic.

Matrix Digital is eager to assist Aotearoa New Zealand’s game development talent, digital businesses, and Indie studios by being an active contributor to a thriving start-up ecosystem. We’re also extending our national and global partnerships with well-established content creators who constantly stretch our digital capacity and knowledge.

With an acoustically-treated recording studio and top-of-the-line equipment, our specialised staff can record voice over and narration, edit audio, mix in surround-sound, and fulfil all post-production requirements using Pro Tools systems. We also have capabilities to participate in all of this via Zoom™ or SourceConnect™ with whomever else in this ever-shrinking world needs to share in the magic.


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