A perfect setting.

We know that recording music is all about energy. You need to be able to test ideas with ease, and have endless options available at your fingertips. You want to hear your creativity recorded through the best microphones, in the best spaces, energised by incredible speakers. You want to work with knowledgeable professionals who build foundations of technical expertise beneath your artistic potential.

Regardless of genre, Matrix Digital is perfectly set up to record music – in all its forms – with acoustically-treated multi-room recording studios, exceptional vintage and modern equipment, a well-stocked chill-out lounge, and a spacious and comfortable control room. Utilise our team’s extensive experience to record, edit, process and master the final recording all in one world class facility: Matrix Digital.


“…the end result is always of the highest audio quality. [Their] enthusiasm and friendliness make every visit an enjoyable one, and they genuinely care about the project, whatever the nature of it may be. They are always amenable, flexible and open to suggestions.”

Andrew London


Level One/25 Hopper St,
Mount Cook,
Wellington 6011,
New Zealand

+64 4 384 3393

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