The Power of Podcasts

Finding new ways of communicating meaningfully in busy professional environments can be challenging. Memos get overlooked or misinterpreted, meetings can be missed, and discussing changes with every individual can be impossible in large organisations. This is where professional Podcasts come in. We can combine exceptionally high-quality audio with engaging and relevant video content to craft one-of-a-kind media packages as an internal communications solution.

We all know that tone gets lost in emails; how many times have you received a message from your boss and read it in their angry voice? With a podcast, not only are team-leaders able to imbue their message with personality, they are also able to script the audio and video to hit certain desired moods and emphasise specific information. Obviously, this is a boon for organisations interested in honing their culture; whether it’s ramping up the silliness, tightening up on professionalism, or even promoting particular ideas or programs. As well as custom information podcasts, internal meetings can be streamed as live casts and be available as on-demand AV podcasts, and training materials can be transitioned into on-demand podcast series’.

Custom podcasts can work to align your audience with the goals and values of your organisation. They are measurable, interesting, and easy for your audience to interact with, putting a modern and engaging spin on communication.

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