Matrix Digital Client Interview: Chloe Vitale

Rosa: Kia ora, today we are here in the Matrix Digital Podcast Studio with the winner of our summer single competition, Miss Chloe Vitale. Today we’re just gonna have a bit of a yarn about your creative process and your upcoming releases and everything cool about you. How are you going Chloe? Chloe: Good, how […]

Get to know the team: Simon’s Interview

Rosa: Simon, what is your background and what led you to work at Matrix? Simon: My background? I studied audio engineering at SAE in Auckland in 2007-8 and then I didn’t do much with that for a couple of years. I started mixing gigs in Wellington in 2011 and then ended up here in 2019. […]

Get to know the team: Robbie’s Interview

Rosa: Robbie, how did you go about getting employed at Matrix?  Robbie: First of all I just want to say – big fan of the pod, thanks for having me on *laughs*.  I mean, getting a job like this is sort of a life goal; it’s a life dream right? You focus all of your […]

Get to know the team – Phill’s interview

Rosa: Phill, as the big boss you’ve been in the game the longest, I imagine you have been involved in some memorable projects – what are your top 3 favourite projects from the last 30 years? Phill: *chuckles* Rosa: I’m putting you on the spot! Phill: Working with Uncle Monkey was definitely a good one, […]