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 Post Production

Does your project require great sound? Do you need a professional Voice Over? Or perhaps your film needs all those professional touches like ADR, Foley or a Mixdown?

Book your Post Production session at Matrix Digital and work with our experienced team to make the most of your production. We will figure out what you need and go out of our way to make sure we deliver a product you are proud of.

      • Radio
      • TV
      • Film
      • Sound Design
      • Corporate Production
      • Subtitles
      • 5.1 Mix




Our 7x5m live room is a great sized room and well equipped with curtains, green screen and lighting rig offering you a great space to film whatever you need to in a controlled and professional environment. 




Of course, we are fully equipped to handle absolutely any recording project you could throw at us and experienced enough to do a great job of it too. The combination of Phill’s attention to detail and Blair’s creative streak has resulted in a lot of very happy clients.

Have a chat with us and let’s work out how to give you exactly what you are after. 




With 2 mix engineers at hand, we can tailor your mix to sound just like you want it. Whether you have recorded your music with us or elsewhere, we will happily share our ears and ideas with you. 

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